About the NWESSC

The Northwest English Springer Spaniel Club was founded in 1939 to promote the Springer Spaniel as a bird dog for hunting and field trials.  Within the Springer Spaniel breed there is a definite difference between dogs bred for the field and those bred for dog shows. Club members are interested in breeding and perpetuating field type Springer Spaniels, and in educating the public about the capabilities of the Springer as a gun dog.  Prospective Springer owners are encouraged to contact club members for assistance in locating field bred puppies or trained dogs.

Club activities consist of informal training sessions and other events during the spring and summer months, and sponsorship of AKC licensed field trials and Spaniel Hunting Tests.  The summer events are a good opportunity for new members or other interested parties to observe the members working their trained dogs in friendly competition. Training sessions for newcomers are held each year.  Club members receive an informative monthly newsletter which often lists puppies or trained dogs for sale.

The Spaniel Hunting Test program has enjoyed increased popularity particularly with those whose primary use of the Springer is for hunting.  These tests are noncompetitive and designed to award AKC titles to dogs trained as hunting companions, but not necessarily to the degree necessary for success in field trials.

The Northwest English Springer Spaniel Club has a long and distinguished history in connection with development of the field strains of Springer Spaniels and members have regularly been successful in national field trial competition.  Membership is urged for all those who are interested in supporting this effort or who are interested in training Spaniels for field work. Parties wishing more information about the club may call any of the officers or other contacts listed below.  

More information about club events, puppies and dogs for sale are posted on the website www.NWESSC.com

Opportunities to get involved

Sportsman Show – Tend the club booth, answer questions, sign up new members.  Comes with free entry for you and a friend/family member.

Field Trials and Hunt Tests – Shag birds and watch the judges up close.  Field Marshal. Gunner (requirements must be met), Host/Hostess, Bird Planter, Judge Steward, other jobs to help the event run smoothly.