NWESSC Open House 2019

When: Saturday, April 6, 2019

8:30 AM till 5:00 PM Where: Luckiamute Valley Pheasants, Hunt Area #1 Luckiamute Valley Pheasant & Upland Bird Hunts, Oregon Why: Train dogs (pheasants available!), eat, learn some new stuff, join the premier spaniel training club, brag about your dog, drink (coffee)! Have fun! Who’s Invited? Everyone who is interested in field spaniels

Train Your Dog On Pheasants! This is a great opportunity to get introduced to the NW English Springer Spaniel Club, pick up some training tips and get your dog on some live birds. Chuck Cates has agreed to hold some hen pheasants for us to use for this event at a killer price. (With a little help from the Club treasury!)

Here’s the program: 8:30 – 10:30 AM – Meet at area #1 – Seminar – Learn something! (Coffee’s on!) Shooting Tips and Gun Fit, by Expert Shooting Instructor Rick Halvorson There’s two kinds of shotgunners: Those who are totally satisfied with the way they shoot; and, those who lie! Rick will help us understand how to eliminate a few of our frustrations and explain gun fit. You are welcome to bring your own breaking gun, and if time permits, Rick has offered to help you with fitting advice. (No autoloaders or pumps please, and NO ammunition!)

10:30 – 12:00— Clean Up Those Retrieves! Does your dog drop the bird, turn away, circle you, or is he just slow to come in? Here’s 10 tips to get clean deliveries to hand every time!

12:00 – Bodacious Hot Lunch (nominal fee)

1:00 PM Training session with pheasants. Bring your dog! Club members available to help you plant your birds. Qualified gunners available. (Note: Due to this being a Club event, insurance requires that only AKC qualified gunners shoot over the dogs. Pheasants – $5/each for members; $10/each non members! (Membership is only $25/year. Do the math! Sign up at the event.) Attention New Spaniel Owners: Looking for some coaching? Members will be available to help with your dog, whether a young puppy or an old timer. Let us know what you need!


or rkbdvm@aol.com

You must sign up for birds between March 1st and March 29th. You won’t find cheaper training birds any- where thanks to the club’s 50% subsidy. This is the best deal going!

July 20 & 21st – “The Summer of 2019 Spaniel Training Seminar” by Clay Earl

ATTENTION all Spaniel Owner/Trainers and Owner/Trainers of dogs that qualify for Spaniel Hunt Tests

“The Summer of 2019 Spaniel Training Seminar by Clay Earl” July 20 & 21, 2019

Cost: $150.00 per person for both days or $100.00 per person for one day.  $250.00 per married couple for both days or $175.00 for one day. All payments must be received no later than July 17, 2019. To pay by card use the PayPal link or make check payable to NWESSC and send your check with this application to:  Bob Brewer at 489 Ironwood Terrace Woodburn, OR 97071.

When: July 20 and 21, 2019     Time: 9:00AM to 4:00 PM each day 

Where: Janet Christensen’s Farm at 33940 NW Mountaindale Rd North Plains, OR 97133 

Learning Objectives include:

  • Developing a model to facilitate training
  •  “Teach first” methods of training 
  • Successful field trial dog/handler teamwork
  • Transitioning from yard to field
  • Learning and deploying new training drills 
  • A lifelong approach to enjoyable training
  • Developing skill in field trial handling
  • How to read your dog and adjust to situations 
  • Teaching handling for blind retrieves

Some Specific Topics: 

  1. What type of person are you and how does that relate to your training approach? 
  2. Defining the character of a hunting dog  
  3. Corrective ‘vs’ teaching training 
  4. What does a “more perfect way” look like?  
  5. Start with the end in mind – Stephen Covey 
  6. Training with intent 
  7. Training ‘vs’ competing / handling in a trial 
  8. Tools for training 
  9. Puppies – up to 6 months 
  10. Parallel development program – bird work & control
  11. Transition training 
  12. Advanced training 

Specific Subject Matter Within These Topics: 

  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Negative reinforcement 
  • Punishment 
  • Environment and subject relationship 

Teaching Progression/Shaping behavior:   

  • Teach 
  • Train  
  • Test 


  • Here 
  • Heel 
  • Hup 
  • Place/Back/Fetch 
  • Direct and indirect reinforcement 
  • Conditioned Retrieve/Delivery to hand – lay foundation for training 


  • Push/pull obedience 
    • Here/hup 
    • Hup/heel 
  • Reward-based retrieve 
    • Place to hup 
    • Place to place 
    • Hup to here 
  • Place board drills 
  • Multiple action single reward 
  • Casting drills 
  • Course coverage drills 
  • Pile drills go/stop/come 
  • Blind drills 
  • Marking drills 
  • Steadying to flush 
  • Poach bird drills 
  • Honoring drills 
  • Use of wind 
  • Hunting


We have a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most highly respected dog trainers in North America. This is our chance to learn and observe proven training techniques for dogs of all ages and skill levels from an accomplished Spaniel trainer. Clay Earl is the owner of Coldwater Gundogs in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and he will share 30 years of dog training knowledge and insight over a two day period. Come and learn from the trainer/handler who won both the 2017 English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Championship and 2017 National Canadian Open Championship.


This seminar will be conducted using a blend of interactive discussion along with lessons using participant’s dogs. Clay desires to enhance each seminar attendee’s knowledge and skill in training their dog. Power Point visual aids will be provided to help shape and improve behaviors of hunting and field trial dogs. Clay will share the setting up of training progression that shapes desired behavior to meet competitive dog standards.  The seminar will emphasize a “teach first” methodology to assist participants in successful behavioral training.


Hunt Test Judging Seminar Sponsored by the Northwest English Springer Spaniel Club (NWESSC.COM)

Date: May 18, 2019

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm with a one-hour lunch beginning at 12:00 pm

(Lunch Included)

Location:   Best Western Wilsonville Inn & Suites

29769 SW Boones Ferry Rd

Wilsonville, OR 97070

Phone: (503) 570-9700


Tom Meyer, our AKC representative will be presenting the information for the Spaniel Hunt Test Judging seminar.


Attendees who are currently approved as judges will receive a 5 year extension to their current status.

People who have not begun judging will still need to complete their apprenticeship.


Please send payment of $50.00 by May 3, 2019 to reserve your seat.  Reservations and payment after that date will be on a first come, first serve basis while vacant seats are available.


Please send the following information along with a prepayment of $50.00 by May 3, 2019 .  Reservations and payments after that date will be on first come, first serve basis while seats are vacant.  nwessc.com/payments


Name:  _______________________________________


Phone:  _______________________________________


Email:   _______________________________________


__I am a new attendee


__I am a renewing Hunt Test Judge


Make payment to NWESSC


nwessc.com/payments or

Mail to:

Emanuel Rose

9738 NW Durrett St

Portland OR 97229



Contact for more information:

Dave Skoubo




Directions to the Best Western Inn & Suites:

From I-5, take exit 283 and turn west.

Turn West onto SW Wilsonville Rd

Take 2nd right onto SW Boones Ferry Rd

Hotel will be on the left.

American Kennel Club Licensed Spaniel Field Trial Saturday April 13, 2019 (Event# 2019368301) AND Sunday April 14, 2019 (Event# 2019368301)

Event Location: Diamond Hill Wetlands Harrisburg, OR

Entries Close: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time(ET)

OPEN TO ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS This Spaniel Field Trial is held under the Rules and Procedures of the American Kennel Club.

Event Schedule & Entry Fees: Saturday April 13, 2019 (AM)

Stake Fee Start Judges *Denotes Apprentice Judge

Amateur All-Age $130 8:00 AM Raymond Nault Bob Beauchamp

Puppy $40 After 2nd Series of Amateur Daryl Roth Bruce Meredith

Event Schedule & Entry Fees: Sunday April 14, 2019 (AM)

Stake Fee Start Judges *Denotes Apprentice Judge

Open All-Age $130 8:00 AM Raymond Nault Bob Beauchamp

Entries Close: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time(ET)


Judges: This year we are very pleased to have Raymond Nault from Alberta and Bob Beauchamp from Arizona as our judges for the Open and Amateur Stakes. Puppy Stake judges are Daryl Roth and Bruce Meredith, both from Oregon.

Awards: Awards for the Amateur and Puppy will be presented on the grounds Saturday at the conclusion of the trial. Awards for the Open will be presented on the grounds Sunday at the conclusion of the trial. No Saturday night awards banquet is planned.

Motel: Field trial headquarters will be the Travelodge Pioneer Villa, 33180 Highway 228, Halsey, OR 97348. Phone (541) 369-2804. Please mention Northwest Springer Spaniel Club to get a discounted rate. No camping on the grounds is available.

Lunches: The famous and fabulous “Cheryl Dondino’s Lunches” will be available both days for a nominal fee.

Training Day: No training session is planned.

Emergency Contacts: Emergency contacts, per AKC regulations, will be posted at the picnic area and listed in the catalog. There will be cellular phones available in case of an emergency. 

Directions: Copy and paste GPS coordinates 44.280285, -123.028756 into your favorite search engine to make your own map. Or use the directions below:

To Grounds from I5: Take exit 209. Head East on Diamond Hill Road approximately 1.5 miles. Turn left (north) on dirt road and proceed to headquarters.


2019 NWESSC Annual Meeting Minutes Date: January 19, 2019 Location: Home of Dick and Debbie Krueger, North Plains, Oregon

Meeting Agenda

Location:   Dick and Debbie Krueger’s home

Time: 5:00 – Social hour

6:00 – Dinner

7:00 – 8:30 Meeting


Business Agenda

  • Treasurer’s report for 2018 was reviewed and accepted by the attending membership.
  • Meeting minutes for 2018 were reviewed and accepted by the attending membership.
  • Election of officers and officials for 2019.

The positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer will remain the same as in 2018.  Emanuel Rose was nominated and approved by the attending members to the position of Secretary.  Rick Halvorsen is retained as the club Gun Captain.

Governors for the club beginning in 2019 are as follows:

    • Dave Skoubo through 2019
    • Gary Davis through 2020
    • Gunther Boettcher through 2021.


  • Raffle for hunt at Luckiamute.

There were two raffles presented by the club in 2018; one for a hunt at Luckiamute and the other for a hunt at Sage Canyon. Both were won by Bob Bullard.

Dave Skoubo will coordinate another raffle for 2019 season with the tickets being available at the New Member day (see below).  The profit realized from 2018 Luckiamute raffle was $265.00.

2019 Events – A beginning point of events to be altered and amended by membership.

  • February 6 – 10- Sportsman’s Show – Bob Willis

Please sign up for a time you can attend the booth.  Bob can be reached at robertewillis@gmail.com.


  • April 6th – New Member Day.

Bob Bullard has agreed to coordinate this event again this year.  This event helps to draw people to the club and helps them learn what we are all about.  Its great fun for new people and those who have been around a while.  Training birds are half price for members. More information will be available as the event gets nearer.


  • April 14 & 15 Spring trial – Organizers: Dave Skoubo, Daryl Roth, Gary Davis.

This year’s spring trial will be held near Harrisburg, Oregon (exit 209 from I-5) The judges will be Bob Beauchamp from Arizona, and Ray Nault from Canada.  Daryl Roth and Bruce Meredith will judge the puppy stake if there are enough puppies to plan a stake at this level. Paula Mazurek will be the secretary for the event.  Janet Christensen will contact Cheryl Dondano to see if she will provide lunches. Cheryl has done this for several years at the fall trial and the food is excellent.


  • May 18th – Hunt Test Judges Seminar – Wilsonville Best Western

Dave Skoubo is organizing a Hunt Test Judging seminar this year.  All hunt test judges must renew their qualification every five years and all prospective hunt test judges must attend a seminar prior to beginning their apprenticeship.  Emanuel and Jan will work on a flyer for distribution to past participants and well and AKC.  AKC will distribute the flyer to clubs which have participated in past hunt tests.


  • June 15th or 20th Training session at St. Louis Ponds.

Jerry light will contact Oregon Fish and Wildlife for a permit to train dogs at this state venue.  The date is dependent on the availability of the grounds.  Special consideration will be made for training in the water with decoys to train dogs to ignore these in lieu of birds.


  • July – Training seminar.

Dick Krueger will contact Todd Agnew or Clay Earl for potential leads for a training seminar.  Date based on the Todd’s or Clay’s availability.  Session will be held at Janet Christensen’s property.

  • August – Hunt Test – Chaired by Dave Skoubo
    • Location: Luckiamute Pheasants
    • Jan Johnson to be secretary
    • Jerry Light will assist in finding judges.
    • This year decoys may be used in the water work.  If so, it will be stated in the premium.
  • October – Fall field trial October 5th & 6th with Cocker Trial on October 7th.
    • The chair will be Daryl Roth.
    • FT Secretary will be Paula Mazurek and she has the option this year of using Hunt Secretary for entry management.
    • Lead marshal will by Jan Johnson
    • Judges will be Mark Matthiesen and Tom Ness.
    • The entry fee will be $130.
    • The grounds will be either at the Knapp Farm in Monmouth, OR or King Farm in Lebanon, OR depending on whether the King Farm grounds are mowed by Federal Wetlands management.
    • There will be a one-day Cocker trial held on Money, October 7th at the same location.  Dan Delany will be the chair of the Cocker Trial.


  • Other Business
    • Members are reminded to renew their game bird release permit with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department.  There is no cost to apply or renew.
    • A motion to donate $50.00 to the ESSFTA Foundation was approved.
    • The club agreed to provide the option of using Hunt Secretary for trial and hunt test entry management.  First opportunity will summer hunt test and Fall Trial.