July 20 & 21st – “The Summer of 2019 Spaniel Training Seminar” by Clay Earl

ATTENTION all Spaniel Owner/Trainers and Owner/Trainers of dogs that qualify for Spaniel Hunt Tests

“The Summer of 2019 Spaniel Training Seminar by Clay Earl” July 20 & 21, 2019

Cost: $150.00 per person for both days or $100.00 per person for one day.  $250.00 per married couple for both days or $175.00 for one day. All payments must be received no later than July 17, 2019. To pay by card use the PayPal link or make check payable to NWESSC and send your check with this application to:  Bob Brewer at 489 Ironwood Terrace Woodburn, OR 97071.

When: July 20 and 21, 2019     Time: 9:00AM to 4:00 PM each day 

Where: Janet Christensen’s Farm at 33940 NW Mountaindale Rd North Plains, OR 97133 

Learning Objectives include:

  • Developing a model to facilitate training
  •  “Teach first” methods of training 
  • Successful field trial dog/handler teamwork
  • Transitioning from yard to field
  • Learning and deploying new training drills 
  • A lifelong approach to enjoyable training
  • Developing skill in field trial handling
  • How to read your dog and adjust to situations 
  • Teaching handling for blind retrieves

Some Specific Topics: 

  1. What type of person are you and how does that relate to your training approach? 
  2. Defining the character of a hunting dog  
  3. Corrective ‘vs’ teaching training 
  4. What does a “more perfect way” look like?  
  5. Start with the end in mind – Stephen Covey 
  6. Training with intent 
  7. Training ‘vs’ competing / handling in a trial 
  8. Tools for training 
  9. Puppies – up to 6 months 
  10. Parallel development program – bird work & control
  11. Transition training 
  12. Advanced training 

Specific Subject Matter Within These Topics: 

  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Negative reinforcement 
  • Punishment 
  • Environment and subject relationship 

Teaching Progression/Shaping behavior:   

  • Teach 
  • Train  
  • Test 


  • Here 
  • Heel 
  • Hup 
  • Place/Back/Fetch 
  • Direct and indirect reinforcement 
  • Conditioned Retrieve/Delivery to hand – lay foundation for training 


  • Push/pull obedience 
    • Here/hup 
    • Hup/heel 
  • Reward-based retrieve 
    • Place to hup 
    • Place to place 
    • Hup to here 
  • Place board drills 
  • Multiple action single reward 
  • Casting drills 
  • Course coverage drills 
  • Pile drills go/stop/come 
  • Blind drills 
  • Marking drills 
  • Steadying to flush 
  • Poach bird drills 
  • Honoring drills 
  • Use of wind 
  • Hunting


We have a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most highly respected dog trainers in North America. This is our chance to learn and observe proven training techniques for dogs of all ages and skill levels from an accomplished Spaniel trainer. Clay Earl is the owner of Coldwater Gundogs in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and he will share 30 years of dog training knowledge and insight over a two day period. Come and learn from the trainer/handler who won both the 2017 English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Championship and 2017 National Canadian Open Championship.


This seminar will be conducted using a blend of interactive discussion along with lessons using participant’s dogs. Clay desires to enhance each seminar attendee’s knowledge and skill in training their dog. Power Point visual aids will be provided to help shape and improve behaviors of hunting and field trial dogs. Clay will share the setting up of training progression that shapes desired behavior to meet competitive dog standards.  The seminar will emphasize a “teach first” methodology to assist participants in successful behavioral training.